About ERSP

The ERSP Review Program consists of the voluntary monitoring and review of advertising representations of participating telemarketers and live seminar providers for coaching and mentoring services. More specifically, the review includes a random sampling of telesales phone calls, live seminar recordings, a review of telemarketing and live seminar scripts, and ongoing dialogue with ERSP and ERSP Program participants regarding relevant legal announcements in the industry.

The ERSP Review Program also includes a dedicated review of lead generation advertising disseminated by non-participating companies that impact the coaching and mentoring industry as a whole.

Companies participating in the ERSP Review Program are provided with written assessments of their telemarketing and/or live seminar practices, follow-up compliance reviews and the opportunity to discuss these reviews in detail with the ERSP staff. Companies participating in the ERSP Review Program must be ERA members and in good standing with their local Better Business Bureau.

  • ERSP evaluates the “primary” or “core” claims made in each participant’s telemarketing scripts recordings and/or live seminars, meaning those representations which are deemed by ERSP to be the most significant and fundamental in the participant’s communication of material attributes or characteristics of its product or coaching and/or mentoring service. For example, the “primary” or “core” claims in a script, telemarketing call or live seminar recording for a coaching or mentoring service include (but are not limited to) claims relating to the objective benefits of the coaching or mentoring service (especially financial benefits) and the qualifications of coaches or mentors or the nature of the assistance.
  • Participation in the ERSP Review Program shall not be construed or represented as an endorsement or approval by ERSP, ERA, or BBB NP of a company, product, or service. As provided in the ERSP Procedures, it is the policy of ERSP not to endorse any marketer, product or service, and a favorable decision regarding advertising claims for the products or service of a particular marketer should in no way be construed as an endorsement. Similarly, a marketer’s modification of its telemarketing or live seminar practices, in cooperation with ERSP’s self-regulatory efforts, will not be construed as an admission of any impropriety.
  • An ERSP review that does not result in a recommendation that claims be discontinued or modified will not assure the marketer that some other action, filing or adverse finding will not occur in another regulatory or self-regulatory forum (i.e., such as the FTC or the National Advertising Division).