Copy Review

The ERSP Copy Review service offers marketers the opportunity to have ERSP, a third-party self-regulatory organization, review print, broadcast, radio, and online advertising.

In a Copy Review, ERSP will:

  • Review primary and core advertising claims, highlighting potential self-regulatory issues, and adhering to self–regulatory best practices and guidance provided by the appropriate regulatory authority.
  • Provide general, non-binding recommendations limited only to the specific advertising that is reviewed by ERSP. For example, ERSP’s analysis of a long form (e.g., 30 minute) broadcast advertisement may not be similarly applied to a short form (e.g., 120 second) advertisement for the same product because of the different context in which the claims may be presented.
  • Suggest what level of substantiation may be needed based upon the claims presented by the marketer and the context in which the core claims are disseminated.
  • Include follow-up dialogue with ERSP staff regarding the advertising.

The Copy Review Service is confidential, voluntary, non-evidentiary, non-binding and does not constitute legal advice.

Please note:

  •  An ERSP Copy Review that does not result in a recommendation that claims be discontinued or modified will not assure the marketer that some other action, filing or adverse finding will not occur in another regulatory or self-regulatory forum (i.e., such as the FTC or the National Advertising Division). Participation shall not be construed or represented as an endorsement or approval by ERSP, ERA, ASRC, or CBBB of a company, product or service.
  • Participation in the ERSP Program does not include an evaluation of the evidence that a marketer is or may be relying on to support any claims made in its advertising. Participants will not be required to submit evidence to substantiate core advertising claims as part of this review process.


  •  30-Minute Infomercial   –  $4,375
  • Short-Form Broadcast Advertisement – $3,000
  • Print Advertisement – $ 3,000
  • Radio Advertisement -$ 3,000
  • Website – $3,000 (up to 10 pages)*

*Any additional pages of a website review may incur additional cost (i.e., after the first 10 pages will cost $250 per page).

*ERSP review of streaming video that appears on a website is not included in the cost of a website review and will be priced pursuant to the rate card for short form advertisement or long form advertisement. In addition, the cost for Consumer Testimonial videos and/or “Success Story” videos that appear on a website will cost $100 per video.