General Information

The ERSP Review Program has multiple components including:

  • Comprehensive advertising and telesales/free live seminar assessments
  • Monitoring of telesales calls and scripts, and review of live seminar recordings, presentations and marketing materials
  • Follow-up compliance reviews and the opportunity to discuss these reviews in detail with ERSP staff

Companies participating in the program must be ERA members and will be asked to sign a participation agreement with ERSP.

Program Goals

ERSP strives to promote truthful and substantiated advertising and accordingly, endeavors to:

  • Enhance consumer confidence in the industry
  • Provide an independent review of telesales calls, seminars, and accompanying scripts/presentations to ensure that advertising is truthful and accurate
  • Reinforce truth and accuracy in lead generation advertising
  • Demonstrate to the regulatory agencies the coaching and mentoring industry’s commitment to effective self-regulation

Advertising and Telesales/Live Seminar Assessments

Participating companies provide advertising materials and upload all telesales calls and/or free live seminar recordings to an FTP. ERSP provides the participant with an assessment that focuses on several issues, including:

  • Caller Identification
  • Misleading Sales Pressure
  • Earnings Claims
  • Testimonials
  • Typicality Disclosures
  • Prohibited misrepresentations and pre-purchase disclosures as per FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule
  • Discounted and limited time offers
  • Right of Recession representation
  • Coaching credentials/expertise

Participation in the program shall not be construed or represented as an endorsement or approval by ERSP, ERA, ASRC, or CBBB of a company, product or service, and will not assure the marketer that some other action, filing or adverse finding will not occur in another regulatory or self-regulatory forum (i.e., such as the FTC or the National Advertising Division). Similarly, a marketer’s modification of advertising, in cooperation with ERSP’s self-regulatory efforts, will not be construed as an admission of any impropriety.