About NAD

NAD provides independent advertising self-regulation.
NAD reviews national advertising in all media and its decisions set standards for truth in advertising across a variety of industries.  Advertisers voluntarily participate in self-regulation when cases are opened by NAD on its own initiative or in response to challenges by third parties, including competitors.

NAD provides quick and transparent resolution of advertising disputes. 
NAD works to resolve its cases with a written decision in 60 to 90 business days.  A press release with NAD’s decision is made public, with the entire content of NAD decisions available by subscription to our online archive of advertising self-regulatory decisions.  NAD keeps confidential all data it receives in reviewing a case.

NAD process is efficient and effective.
Advertising claims are reviewed after giving parties the opportunity to explain their position and provide supporting data. Meetings with each party are held separately. Nearly all advertisers voluntarily adhere to NAD recommendations, demonstrating their support for advertising self-regulation.

NAD decisions set consistent standards for advertising.
Each NAD case is reviewed by attorneys with experience in reviewing advertising claims and substantiation.  Cases are decided relying upon regulatory guidance and prior NAD case precedent to hold advertising to consistent standards across industries.

NAD helps to ensure a level playing field.
NAD has earned the respect of industries, consumers and regulators alike for providing an effective, successful self-regulatory mechanism for resolving disputes related to the truthfulness of advertising. The broad support for advertising industry self-regulation has resulted in a system that provides businesses with a forum to help build consumer trust in advertising and ensure that competitors are playing by the same set of rules.