Online Safety Resources

Federal Trade

“ provides practical tips from the federal
government and the technology industry regarding Internet fraud
and protection of personal information.”


  • Provides information on topics including kids’ privacy,
    computer security, health online, and e-mail scams.
  • Contains educational games on subjects such as hackers,
    and spam scams.
  • Provides videos on phishing scams.
  • Provides access to the guide, “Net Cetera: Chatting With
    Kids About Being Online,”
    which gives adults practical tips to
    help kids navigate the online world. 
  • AdMongo teaches advertising literacy and provides lesson plans to teachers.


“GetNetWise is a public service sponsored by Internet industry
corporations and public interest organizations to help ensure that
Internet users have safe, constructive, and educational or
entertaining online experiences. The GetNetWise coalition wants
Internet users to be just “one click away” from the resources they
need to make informed decisions about their and their family’s use
of the Internet.”


  • Contains the largest online repository of instructional how-to video tutorials that show parents and users how to keep their family’s online experiences safe and secure.
  • Provides nformation on how to identify online trouble and get law enforcement contact information and tips on protecting a computer against the risks that hackers
    and viruses pose to your computer files and software.
  • Includes a guide to internet terms (glossary).

Internet Safety Coalition

“It is a coalition of 49 governors/first spouses, law enforcement,
the American Medical Association, the American Academy of
Pediatrics, and other associations dedicated to helping parents,
educators, and caregivers by providing tools and guidelines to
teach children the safe and healthy use of technology.”


For Children:  Through the storybook adventures of Internet
safety icon, Faux Paw the Techno Cat, elementary school
children learn about:

  • Internet safety basics
  • How to handle cyber-bullying;
  •  Balancing real life with screen time
  • The risks and dangers of downloading

For Parents: It contains video tutorials on current
Internet safety topics:

  • 10 Actions Parents Must Take
  • Social Networking Sites
  • How to Handle Cyber-bullying;
  • MySpace Safety Know-how
  • Family Fun Lessons to help teach Internet safety at home
  • DARE Activities: coloring pages, activities, and instructions for
  • Online Safety Digest: recent news stories

Wired Safety

“ is an Internet safety and help group. Comprised
of unpaid volunteers around the world, provides
education, assistance, and awareness on all aspects of cybercrime
and abuse, privacy, security, and responsible technology use. It is
also the parent group of, FBI-trained teens and
preteens who promote Internet safety.”


Contains information and resources on topics relating to
chatting online. E-mail safety, cyberstalking, internet
predators, and various other topics.
NetSmartz Workshop

“The NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational safety
resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited
Children® (NCMEC) and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) for
children aged 5 to 17, parents, guardians, educators, and law
enforcement that uses age-appropriate, 3-D activities to teach
children how to stay safer on the Internet.”

Connect Safely

“ConnectSafely has all kinds of social-media safety tips for teens
and parents, the latest youth-tech news, and many other

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media provides trustworthy information for
parents to help manage their kids’ media lives. Includes
information on television, movies, video games and the Internet.