CARU Refers Advertising for Summit’s ‘Spray Racer’ to FTC for Further Review


New York, NY – Oct. 16, 2008 – The Children’s Advertising Review Unit  of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc., has referred advertising from Summit Products, Inc. to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for further review.

Advertising for Summit Products’ “Spray Racer” came to the attention of CARU, the children’s advertising industry’s self-regulatory forum, through CARU’s ongoing monitoring. 

The Spray Racer is a toy vehicle, powered by water and air that is compressed when a child manually pumps a holding tank. Broadcast advertising depicts a child pumping the tank once to build up the requisite pressure to launch the car.

CARU requested the advertiser to provide a substantive response to the question of whether a consumer could duplicate the product performance as shown; specifically, whether a child pumping the product only one time would attain the 272 scale mile speed advertised.

CARU also questioned whether the fact that substantial pumping is required was adequately disclosed the advertising. Finally, CARU questioned whether the car can attain the speed referenced in the commercial, i.e. 272 scale miles per hour.    

The advertiser failed to provide a substantive response to CARU’s inquiry. CARU, pursuant to its policies and procedures, has referred the matter to the Federal Trade Commission for further review.