Attention: Online Archive Subscribers

Attention: Online Archive Subscribers

Thank you for being a subscriber to the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council’s Online Archive.

We’ve made some improvements to the Archive you will like!

Starting on January 1, 2019 standard subscription rates will be $7,500 and discounted subscription rates for CBBB Partners will be $6,000.

In this new user friendly interface you can access your account, update passwords, switch out users, and make payments to keep your account in good standing.

  • NEW! See snippets of the highlighted text before you download the case reports
  • Adjust the size of excerpt length – longer or shorter
  • User friendly interface
  • Update user licenses more easily
  • Set default view in site preferences
  • Collapse search results
  • Improved highlighting search features
  • Switch user licenses without paying a fee

We value your subscription to our database and want to assure you the new improvements will help you manage your subscription, including user licenses, and search the database with more confidence.