Benefits of CARU Support

Safe Harbor Program

The program is available only to CARU’s supporters.

As an extension of its mission to help advertisers deal sensitively with the child audience in a responsible manner CARU established the Safe Harbor Program. This program helps CARU Supporters protect the privacy of children online and meet the requirements of COPPA and our Guidelines.

In January 2001, CARU became the first organization to provide an FTC-approved Safe Harbor under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

Participants who adhere to CARU’s Guidelines are deemed in compliance with COPPA and essentially insulated from FTC enforcement action as long as they comply with program requirements.

Upon completion of CARU’s review of participants Website(s) they are granted CARU’s Certification Icon to affix to their Website(s).

Advertising Pre-screening Service

Reliance by the advertising industry on CARU’s guidance and high standards led to the creation of our pre-screening service. CARU will review scripts, storyboards, television commercials and micro websites in Beta, to offer guidance in developing advertising and Website content which comports with the guidelines without stifling creativity and innovation.

  • CARU staff members collaboratively review submissions
  • At completion of a review, CARU will offer its analysis of reviewed advertising
  • Supporters may request meetings to discuss CARU analysis.

Competitor Forum

CARU offers a low-cost, speedy and private forum for the resolution of competitive challenges as an alternative to litigation.

Both the challenge process and the high volume monitoring we conduct in all media help maintain a level playing field for all advertisers.

CARU Supporters are:

  •  Invited to attend the Supporter’s Council Meetings and participate on committees. Supporters may also participate when the Guidelines are updated and footnoted etc., effectively having the opportunity to influence self-regulation
  • First to receive CARU Guidance information to the Industry on child advertising and privacy-related matters.
  • Receive a complementary subscription to the monthly electronic NAD/CARU Case Reports, the record of all decisions and activity of the self-regulatory forum (Actual membership subscription rate $3900).
  • Receive current CARU News, Via Email.
  • Receive substantial discounts for CARU and NAD conferences

How To Support CARU

CARU is a membership organization directly funded by the children’s advertising industry. It is made up of toy and food manufacturers, media content providers, law firms and advertising agencies. For CARU, a growing number of international supporters provide a Global reach to self-regulation. Membership is available to those who support CARU’s mission of responsible advertising to children.

Financial support for CARU is determined by the amount of advertising dollars a company spends annually to reach children.

For more information please contact:

Dona J. Fraser,  Director
Tel: 212-705-0112
Email: djfraser(at)