Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program

ERSP Recommends Etekcity Corporation Modify Certain Claims for Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp; Company Agrees to Do So

ERSP has recommended that Etekcity Corporation modify or discontinue certain claims for the Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp.

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ERSP Recommends Clever Investor Modify Certain Claims for Mentorship Program; Company Agrees to Do So

ERSP has recommended that Clever Investor modify or discontinue certain claims for the Clever Investor Mentorship Program, the company’s proof of funds subscription service for real estate investors.

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Real Estate Workshop Agrees to Voluntarily Modify, Discontinue Certain Claims for its Government Tax Lien Network; ERSP Find Certain Claims Supported

ERSP has determined that the Real Estate Workshop can substantiate pricing claims communicated during free live seminars for the Government Tax Lien Network.

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ERSP Refers Advertising Claims for Sellers Playbook to FTC After Marketer Fails to Respond to ERSP Inquiry

ERSP has referred direct-response advertising for Sellers Playbook to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after the marketer declined to participate in the ERSP inquiry.

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ERSP Finds Global Learning Partners, LLC Can Support Certain Claims for ‘Real Estate Wealth Expo,’ Recommends Marketer Modify or Discontinue Other Claims

ERSP has recommended that Global Learning Partners, LLC modify or discontinue claims made in online and print advertising for its Real Estate Wealth Expo.

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ERSP Finds True Earth Health Products Can Support Certain Claims for ‘Plexaderm,’ Recommends Marketer Modify Certain Claims

ERSP has determined that True Earth Health Products can support certain claims for Plexaderm, but recommended the marketer modify or discontinue other claims.

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